We investigate all types of injuries and workplace issues under a wide variety of circumstances including but not limited to:

Vehicular Accidents

We review the accident scene, vehicles involved, interview/locate witnesses, locate undiscovered witnesses, obtain signed statements, locate individuals at fault - all paper trails and testify on your behalf in court. We then investigate the Insurance Company and lawyers involved.


Malpractice usually go without repercussions. Misdiagnosis, bad treatment, decreased life expectancy and death are the four major results of malpractice.

To prove your case, we study the records, make inquiries to the board to locate any pending or previous complaints regarding the institution and people involved, obtain information on current license status and doctor's current practice. We ascertain any pending actions or investigations. Conduct background checks including Criminal records, follow up any leads.

Work Related Injuries / Harassment whether it's mental anguish caused by harassment or a physical injury, we obtain the necessary details surrounding the incidents and report with factual evidence in a timely manner. Injury Caused by a Defective Product are easy to prove as the evidence is a physical entity. The injury is then be proven by means of the product.

Fall Due to Snow / Ice Hazards

We gather and preserve, through chain of custody, all critical evidence and thoroughly review all pertinent information including: Photographs, Documentation and Protection of Evidence, Statements of Witnesses,
Physical Evidence, Accident Reports, Documents ready for Trial/Litigation.

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