missing personsWith over 13 years of experience locating missing people, we boast an 85% locating ratio.

We locate missing and abducted children, runaway teens and missing adults. Sometimes mental illness was an issue, at other times foul play is suspected or it was a case of running away. No matter the reason, we locate these people in an effective and timely manner.

We also work extensively on cases involving custody abduction, fraud and murder.

Case Study 1

A recent case we solved this past summer included a gentleman who went missing just after he lost his mother to cancer. This man was 53 years of age and suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. His father had died several years earlier and he was residing with his mother at the time of her death. Although we conducted extensive interviews with his neighbours, friends and family and knocking on doors -we were always one step behind him. We knew he didn't want anyone to find him and was therefore constantly on the move, but he did not have any money left in his bank account, so our immediate thought was that he had to be staying outside and bumming cigarettes and money from people - so, one rainy night into the investigation, we walked the downtown core of Newmarket and in fact found him trying to gain entry into several cars parked along the street. We immediately took him to the hospital where he was treated and we reunited him with his family. We still keep in touch with this family and found that it took several months for him to come around mentally, but he is now residing with his brother and doing well.

Case Study 2

We also located an abducted child who was taken from her home. The Police were called by the frantic mother the day she went missing. The Police conducted their search of the area and took statements, but this case was soon placed as a cold case file. The mother was obviously very upset about this and contacted us. We re-interviewed all the people who the Police interviewed and found that people were more receptive to us, then to the Police. New leads were ascertained and new information was uncovered including the fact that the mother was remarrying and planning to move four hours north of the father's residence to start a new life with another man and that the father had dual citizenship. With this new information, and leads from his friends, we located the child with her father in New Jersey.

Case Study 3

We also found a young woman's father who had abandoned her mother when she gave birth to her. Her mother had recently passed away, but before her passing, she left our client with a name and approximate year of birth of her father. We initiated our search with comprehensive database searches of the area in the years just before our client was born and came up with several possibilities. We narrowed the names down one by one and conducted a true gumshoe approach by following each and every lead which took us all the way to Missouri where we located a relative of the client's father. Unfortunately he hadn't spoke to him for over a decade, but we gained new information, corrected other information including the spelling of his name and confirmed other information as correct and followed them as solid leads. We then got the break we needed from a hunch we had and searched the military - eventually leading to his locate.

All of these ups and downs throughout investigations are facets which make our job interesting – as we knew he was out there ... somewhere, just where?  That is what keeps us going – knowing that the person we are trying to find is out there somewhere.  It’s reading between the lines, deciphering the information and thinking outside of the box that sets us apart from the average joe p.i.   

Locating Lost Loves, Relatives, Debtors, and Heirs

No Find = No Fee

You pay no upfront fees.  If we locate your person of interest, then you only pay the $350.00 flat fee at the end of the investigation.  If we cannot locate the person, then you pay nothing. 

Trying to locate someone who owes you money, a dead beat parent, spouse, a long lost friend, sibling, a witness for court, a lost love or just someone you just lost contact with, we at Private Eyes can help! We not only provide you with a current address of the subject but also verify that the information is correct in order to ensure proper service of papers or personal contact.


Are there any other siblings? Where do they live? What were the circumstances for them placing you up for adoption? We can locate your birth parent, sibling, daughter or son.

The President of Private Eyes Investigative Services found not only her birth mother, but also her birth father and four birth siblings! …

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