With over 13 years of experience, Private Eyes Investigative Services offers a team of qualified, experienced investigators with the highest levels of standards and training. Our investigators have handled a variety of probes into various investigations for lawyers and attounreys including:

lawyer services* Litigation - Bank Searches
* Domestic - Locating Individuals/Assets, Place of Work
* Civil - from Locates to Wrongful Death
* Criminal - From Bigamy to Murder
* Personal Injury
* Probate Disputes
* corporate.phpIndividual Fraud, Theft and Espionage
* Undercover Operations
* Covert Surveillance
* Employment Resolutions
* Business and Background Investigations

Private Eyes Investigative Services prides itself in high quality professional service at competitive pricing. As lawyers and attounreys play a huge part in our business, we are able to offer flat fees. Please contact us at 1-888-836-8361 or for more information.
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