Marital investigations are a very serious and sensitive matter of which many men and women can both feel threatened emotionally and physically. The fact that you have to hire an investigator is difficult enough.
We at Private Eyes, are dedicated in assuring our clients the utmost discreet and thorough service resulting in your peace of mind.

Whether you are the husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, child or parent, let our staff guide you through the process and leave no stone unturned. Let our knowledgeable staff work with you to get all the necessary information to create the best resolve possible.

We have successfully proven infidelity in 95% of cases handled. “Video Speaks for Itself”


Domestic violence is unfortunately a daily occurrence in most homes. Using discreet surveillance techniques, evidence of spousal or child abuse is obtained that withstands the scrutiny of a court of law. Whether it be physical or mental anguish, we have utilized many techniques to put a stop to the abuse. These techniques include covert (hidden) cameras, statements, photos, video recordings and surveillance.
Also see Workplace Abuse.

Asset and Property Search

Our Asset and Property search determine the assets of an individual or company for judgment recovery, collection purposes, or to provide you with a financial profile of the subject.

We have the ability to locate the following throughout the world.

- Bank Accounts
- Investment Accounts
- Brokerage Accounts
- Mutual Funds
- Stocks and Bonds
- Property
- Vacant Land
- Vehicles
- Rental Properties
- Boats
- Aircraft
- Motorcycles
- Mobile Home
- Fixed Trailer
- Recreational Vehicles
- Trailers
- Commercial Vehicles
- Public Filings
- UCC filings,
- Liens
- Notice of Default
- Bankruptcies.
- Real Property Ownership
- Wage Earnings
- Business Ownership

Bug Detecting

If you suspect that your telephone, house, office, vehicle, boat, airplane or place of business being bugged, Private Eyes Investigative Services perform sweeps of the suspected areas.The examination is completed by a certified TSCM Technician Who at the end of his investigation provides you with a full report detailing the results.

Covert Devices

Our state of the art covert (hidden) bugging devices provide you with recordings from one phone call to three months of recording. We also have email, key-logging, screen copying and computer forensics so you can monitor your family’s usage on the computer See Computer Investigations.

crimeCheck-a-Mate/ Check-a-Date

We provide a detailed report regarding the background of a potential life partner, date, acquaintance and people you have met over the internet. You decide which searches you would like completed and how in depth of an investigation you would like regarding this person.

Child Custody and Visitation

We produce factual evidence validating concerns regarding visitation and custody issues and give you advise on what to do and who to talk to regarding your specific issue.


By utilizing surveillance and other investigative techniques, Private Eyes Investigative Services will prove co-habitation within a cost effective manner and timely manner allowing you to make informed decisions regarding the subject’s reliability.

Computer Investigation

We use the necessary tools to locate, recover and find active, deleted or damaged data on your computer system. 

DNA Collecting and Testing

We collect and test DNA for the following situations:
- Child Support
- Custody Issues
- Insurance
- Inheritance
- Adoption
- Immigration/Citizenship
- Identity crisis

All tests are accredited.

We maintain a chain of custody at all times, along with a strict confidentiality procedure. All communication between clients and our staff are held in the strictest of confidence. Assuring privacy for all involved.

GPS Tracking

We have personal GPS tracking units as well as covert (hidden) GPS devices for the vehicle. These track in real time allowing you to access where a person or vehicle is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also offer discreet listening devices.


If you feel your spouse is being unfaithful, we conduct surveillance, utilize GPS units and hidden covert cameras
providing you with fact specific, conclusive evidence of adultery. We have successfully proven infidelity in 95% of cases handled. “Our Video Speaks for Itself!”

Nanny/Babysitter/Daycare Watch

It’s hard enough having to leave your children with another person, let us give you the peace of mind ensuring your children’s safety by using hidden cameras, video surveillance and undercover investigators to provide you with a fact specific report and video of your child's care at your home under nanny supervision, at a daycare facility or wherever your child may be at the time of the investigation.

New Home - Check Before You Buy

Our investigators prepare a detailed report regarding the neighbourhood where you are thinking of moving.
We include details of past crimes, concealed statements from people in the area, traffic patterns, behavior of neighbours and neighbourhood activity. We also offer detailed security service to determine the most effective detection and alarm systems for your residence.

Polygraph Testing

We provide professional polygraph testing to confirm the validity of a person’s or people’s version concerning certain issues you provide.

Real Estate

We help buyers, sellers, developers, landlords, tenants and owners in a wide variety of real estate disputes, including:
- Commercial/industrial/retail landlord/tenant disputes
- Possession disputes, boundary and access disputes
- Right of way disputes
- Disclosure disputes
- Performance
- Commission disputes
- Money disputes
- Trespass/nuisance claims


We investigate the perpetrator, identifying the person and their background. We utilize covert surveillance, investigative resources and investigative techniques to prove the crime. We do not seek any charges or orders until you have decided what you would like to do. We seek everything from restraining orders to actual imprisonment with criminal charges. Our reports are fact specific and court ready.

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