Background Investigation

We provide you with conclusive evidence of the character and credibility regarding a select individual. This investigation will verify the subject's true identity, any known aliases, Social Insurance (Security) Number, Date of Birth, Residential Address, Driver's License Verification, Credit Validation, Criminal History. We not only gain confirmation if an applicant has a record- but also the details regarding the conviction.

Competitive Intelligence

Private Eyes has the resources and techniques necessary to keep you informed of your competitor's activities, marketing and advertising.

Computer Forensics

We use the necessary tools to locate, recover and find active, deleted or damaged data on your computer system. 

Covert/Hidden Cameras and Audio Devices

We install camera and audio systems to gain information regarding theft and robbery, employee misconduct, harassment and drug use. - Permanently reduce liability insurance premiums. Insurance companies offer 5% to 10% reduction in liability premiums to businesses who house security cameras.

Corporate Registration

This search produces up-to-date corporate, limited partnership, officer/director and registered agent information. In most circumstances you may also be provided with corporate registration numbers, dates of incorporation, former corporate names and the primary corporate address.

Custom-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)

Companies have made participation and/or compliance with C-TPAT security standards by their business partners a requirement for doing business. -Incentives were created for members of C-TPAT, which is a
prerequisite for the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) program and other expedited processing programs. Over 7,400 companies have joined C-TPAT and are enjoying the benefits of reduced inspections and faster Customs clearance.

How Can Private Eyes Investigative Services Help?
We will assist you in preparing and submitting C-TPAT documents including: 
- Full preparation and submission of your C-TPAT Agreement and Security Profile
- FAST application template package for U.S./Mexico carriers and U.S./Canada carriers.
- C-TPAT Action Plan
- C-TPAT Security Profile
- C-TPAT Security Policy
- C-TPAT Business Partner Security Requirements Letter
- C-TPAT Training Presentation (C-TPAT and Security training for your employees)

The FAST program was created to allow U.S./Canada and U.S./Mexico the expedited movement of pre-approved goods across the border quickly. FAST approved carriers will benefit from:
- Dedicated lanes for greater speed and efficiency in the clearance of FAST trans-border shipments.
- Reduced number of examinations for continued compliance with Customs FAST requirements.
- A strong and ongoing partnership with Customs (FAST) administrations.
- Enhanced supply chain security and safety while protecting the economic prosperity of both countries.
- The knowledge that they are carrying shipments for a FAST approved importer.

We help carriers minimize costs and delays by assisting you in preparing and submitting FAST documents including:
- FAST Action Plan
- FAST Application Cover Letter
- FAST Agreement to Participate
- FAST Security Profile
- FAST Security Policy
- FAST Service Provider Notification/Questionnaire
- FAST Training Presentation Over 7,400 companies have joined FAST and are enjoying the benefits of reduced inspections and faster Customs clearance.

Due Diligence & Background Checks

Our business reports provide you with vital insights into the size, character, credibility and profitability of any business and their principals.Our searches include: Access to vital, non-public data and resources, Insight into historical data or questionable backgrounds, Evaluation of credibility and uncovering true intentions, Provincial/State Business Reports, Patents/Registrations/Trademarks, Better Business Bureau Records Search,
Credit Litigation Searches, UCC Filings, Bankruptcy Record Searches, Financial Information, Employee Determination, Liens against the company, Regulatory Agency Verifications, Newspaper Database Search,
Reference Interviews, Personal Property Record Searches (real estate, boats, planes, etc..), Auto Record Searches and Fictitious or Assumed Name Searches.

Employee Integrity Checks

Identify any inconsistency, fabrication, omission or exaggeration within an employee or candidate’s resume. This investigation also reveals any criminal or civil misconduct as well not only letting you know if the person has a criminal record, but the details of the record as well.

Executive and Personal Protection

Private Eyes will implement protective measures and assist with your concerns of potential and actual threat. Our operatives are trained in defensive maneuvers and martial arts, tactical and evasive driving measures, letter and package screening, monitoring of property and screening of visitors.

GPS Tracking

fraud and abuse, and for the simple tracking of persons and/or vehicles. This extremely accurate device details the travel movements of a vehicle allowing you to see in "real time" the position of the person or vehicle, the speed of the vehicle, which direction the vehicle is going, and where it has been or where it has been.

Handwriting Analysis

Discover psychological or character traits from handwriting. Detect forgeries or examine documents to establish authenticity.

Internal Theft

Statistics show that one in every ten employees steal from their employer. Through the placement of undercover
investigators and or covert cameras, listening devices and tagged products, we put a stop to the theft and embezzlement.

Judgement Recovery

We locate assets for garnishment including active bank accounts, address and account number account totals and activity. We also locate property, boats, planes etc.

Lie Detector Testing (Polygraph)

We use Polygraph testing for everything from pre-employment, periodic and specific polygraph examinations.

Secret Shopper Service

We can provide shoppers to evaluate your place of business for friendliness of employees, accuracy of currency exchange and attention to work details as well as theft. Private Eyes provides unbiased information
regarding performance levels, and the general public impression that your operations create on potential reoccurring revenue.

Security Services

Private Eyes specializes in several different types of security services, all geared to give the executive and the individual the peace of mind they deserve. Whether you’re looking for bodyguards, a private investigator, or
security measures, you can find what you need at Private Eyes.We offer executive protection, security vulnerability assessments, security risk consulting, and much more.

Security Vulnerability Analysis & Risk Assessment

We conduct several Assessments per month, helping companies understand where their vulnerabilities lay.
We are not here to tell you what you must improve or purchase. But rather make recommendations and provide you with a comprehensive, on-site analysis of your facilities identifying security threats, risks and vulnerabilities. We show in detail, photos and ideas befor and after certain precautionary methods and devices are installed.

The cost of an analysis is quite low. And considering what you are losing on a day to day basis - companies are finding it necessary.

We include a price list with all our recommendations, so you can work out a budget or call an associate who can offer you a better deal Our main objective is to provide you with the analysis - showing you where people can easily steal from you and how easy it has been for them to steal, cheat or "borrow" from your company.

Key points examined include:
- Architectural elements such as barriers, locks and doors
- Areas of refuge
- Security staffing
- Mail and material handling
- Vehicular and pedestrian access control
- Technical security systems such as alarm monitoring
- Closed circuit television etc

We will have many samples and references of our work to show you at your free consulation.

Tagged Products

We tag products to find the chain of custody and where theft is taking place, as well as from which batch of product an item or items were taken.

Theft Prevention/Detection

After attending at your business, we provide you with a detailed report outlining the problem areas, theft occurrences and causes. We give you a list of these issues along with, if necessary, technical
information to have a theft free environment through added security.

Undercover Placement

We provide undercover operatives (men and women) to work inside your company as a regular employee to ascertain vital information regarding Theft of Product & Material, Alcohol/Drug Abuse, Trafficking, Sabotage, Unlawful Labor Practices, Time Clock Cheating, Subversive Activities,Employer/Employee Relations, Disgruntled Employees and Prostitution.

Service Audits

A Service Audit is defined as the evaluation of the shopping/buying process from the point of view of the average customer. Trained investigators pose as potential/actual customers, visiting and calling businesses to assess the customer buying process and report back on their experiences in a detailed and objective way.

Our Service Audit programs gives our clients the ability to interpret how their average customer is being serviced and understand the customer perception of their business. The program gives your business the opportunity to monitor the integrity of employees and improve the level of customer service in order to acquire and retain potential and existing customers.

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