Private Eyes Investigative Services uses a combination of skilled investigators and modern technology to keep your company safe, secure and financially viable. We provide professional and discreet investigations into any suspicion of misconduct or impropriety

Private Eyes Investigative Services is a leading private investigation firm with a reputation for solving cases in a thorough, discreet and professional manner.

When you call - we listen, and all consultations are

Offering both male and female investigators

A Firm Reputation in Confidentiality.

The fact that you have to hire an investigator can be difficult enough. Let us give you peace of mind through our Professional and Absolute Discreet services.

Our mission is to provide large and small businesses and the public, reliable professional investigative services
resulting in your peace of mind.

Our investigators are highly trained professionals who strive to maintain the latest and most innovative concepts in investigative techniques, as well as continuous education and training to ensure the best service possible.

Senior Investigative Profiles:

The Director & Chief Investigator:
The Director and Chief Investigator of Private Eyes Investigative Services attended the University of Guelph BaSc. 4 year Honour Program of Applied Science. Previously employed by I.B.M. Canada, she has over 13 years experience in the field of private investigation beginning in 1992 working diligently undercover on covert operations, surveillance, tracking and tracing fraudulent behavior. The conclusion of these files were a direct result of our Director appearing in her professional capacity in family, civil and criminal court, and contributing at arbitration hearings between insurance corporations and claimants. She has also played a major role in cases that have included industrial espionage and has been a part of undercover operations working alongside street people, supervisors and line workers.  These investigations resulted in the laying of numerous drug and theft related charges.  Our Director has extensive experience working with a variety of corporations and businesses including various family and criminal lawyers, insurance companies, large and small corporations as well as the general public. 

Our Director of Operations:
After a 17 year career working in the private sector has resulted in a highly regarded management portfolio within the protection and investigation industry. Our Director of Operations is extremely versed in surveillance techniques and report writing, working an extensive volume of files increasing his already diverse surveillance and investigation skills. As Director of Operations he liaises directly with clients and the investigators handling each case. His managerial skills are result oriented, providing progress updates and ensuring client satisfaction, while remaining active in the field.  Our Director of Operations has received many honours and awards for his remarkable work in the private sector and abroad.

Manager of Undercover Operations:
Our Manager of Undercover Operations path to private investigations started with 12 years of psychology experience training both in Canada and the United States.  He served in a variety of leadership roles that included conflict support between individuals in extreme situations and monitoring internal security dealing with the forensics of internal trade secrets.  Our Manager of Undercover Operations has been active in the private investigation field for nine years in covert operations, surveillance, and undercover work within the private sector.   From mediation to witness statements and interviewing, he has an unmatched ability to gain valuable information from subjects under investigation and has extensive knowledge of surveillance and report writing.  In addition to running the day to day operations of Private Eyes Investigative Services, Our Manager of Undercover Operations maintains his position utilizing his broad knowledge of case conduct and experience. 

Field Operatives:
Our Investigators have all completed extensive training to become expert in the latest surveillance, counter-intelligence, and investigative techniques.  Each operative is experienced in taking statements as well as providing professional testimony in court as well as writing articulate, fact specific detailed reports.  This allows us to give clients a diversified team of operatives with the ability to solve each case quickly and effectively.
Private Eyes currently upholds operatives with over 11 years of military policing, certifications in law and business, security as well as multiple languages and international investigative capabilities.

We have seasoned investigators as well as extensive security experience.  All of our operatives are trained in fixed and mobile surveillance, as well as report writing and investigative techniques.

From loss preventions, to security, missing persons, undercover and corporate investigations, Private Eyes provides a distinct team of operatives with proven track records. Every operative has hands on training both in house as well as intensive field experience provided by former Law Enforcement personnel.

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